The Receipts

EPISODE 5: Covid-19 in Light of the Gospel

November 17, 2023 CatholicVote
The Receipts
EPISODE 5: Covid-19 in Light of the Gospel
Show Notes

In this final part of our exploration of the Church’s response to Covid, we look back over the lessons learned and ask: how do we move forward? 

After three years of dealing with overreaching government restrictions, what can Church leaders and Americans draw from this experience? We lay out the key areas where the faithful were most affected and discuss what solutions could possibly help to remember the victories and heal from the afflictions.     

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Benjamin Mann is a writer and paralegal in Denver, Colorado. He served in both roles at Mountain States Legal Foundation from 2020 to 2023. Previously, he was a journalist at Catholic News Agency and columnist for Catholic Exchange. 

Special thanks to Anthony Iafrate for research on diocesan closures, reopenings, and vaccine-related policies.

To my mother, Nancy Blumenthal Mann (1950-2020).